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Street Corner Resources

Iesha works to address the issues that she knows lead people to gun violence that start long before someone pulls a trigger. By seeing public safety as first an issue of public health, Iesha and other members of the CMS network work to break the cycle of violence now and for the future.
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I always say the trigger is pulled long before the trigger is pulled. There are a whole series of possibilities of things that happen that leads a kid to feel like it's okay to pull the trigger. And the consequences don't even matter. And so those things have to do with housing, poor nutrition, mental health issues, lack of education


Street Corner Resources (SCR) was born out of a concern over gun violence and gang activity amongst Harlem’s youth. In 2005, Iesha Sekou, a long-standing community activist, decided to start a non-profit organization that would engage youth and provide them with the resources to help them develop holistically and serve as a positive alternative against the ongoing trend towards violence in urban neighborhoods.

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